Your health and happiness is our first priority in everything we do. From the most intimate gatherings to the most wonderful weddings, you are in the safest (and cleanest!) of hands. Here are the steps we are taking to put your health first.


We wear face masks.

  • All of our team are provided with a face mask covering their nose and mouth when setting up an event


We take hygiene seriously.

  • We disinfect props before we deliver them to you and immediately after an event

  • We are fully stocked with hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes 


We give you your space.

  • We maintain 1 metre social distancing 

  • We refrain from shaking your hand or giving you a hug (even though we’d like to)

  • We offer a delivery and pick up service to your door step


If you have any questions or concerns about your gatherings, weddings or events, please reach out to us on hello@wonderlands.je


Isn't it amazing that even in challenging times, love finds a way. Your dream wedding can still be a reality, you just need to understand the Government of Jersey guidelines so you can walk down the aisle healthy and happy with the people you love. Here is the latest wedding advice to help you have your happily ever after:


When can I get married?


From the 1st July you can get married or form a civil partnership ceremony, but will be subject to a number of restrictions such as an attendance limit of 20 and the requirement that all guests physically distance at all times. Therefore permitted attendance numbers will depend upon the size of the approved location. 


These public health measures are in place to keep you, your guests and celebrants safe during the period of COVID-19.


Who does this apply to?


This guidance applies to:

  • all couples who are still planning to marry or hold a civil partnership in Jersey during the period of COVID-19

  • legal marriage ceremonies (whether they are in a church or a civil venue) and to all civil partnership ceremonies

  • both indoor and outdoor venues

  • any person present at a marriage or civil partnership ceremony


This guidance does not apply to wedding receptions and parties. There are separate public health measures in place for these events. 


Where can I have my ceremony?


All wedding ceremony venues need to comply with public health guidance. This includes

  • hotels

  • places of worship

  • heritage sites

  • other hospitality venues

  • a private home


It will be the venues responsibility to ensure that each room or area being used for a ceremony complies with public health guidance.


If your ceremony is taking place at a private venue such as someone’s home, garden or field, it will be the owner and responsible person’s role to ensure that they comply with public health guidance.


What are my marriage official’s responsibilities?

The person responsible for conducting your ceremony has a legal duty to make sure that the ceremony complies with public health guidance.

If your ceremony does not comply with public health guidance, they can halt or delay the ceremony to take the steps to make sure it is compliant.

If physical distancing requirements are not adhered to or the maximum attendance number is exceeded, the celebrant will refuse to conduct the ceremony until these measures are made.


How can I get my ceremony location approved?


You can apply to get married in your own home or the home of someone you know (including the garden).

You can apply and pay for the location to be approved for a single ceremony, the Government of Jersey need at least 14 days to process this request.

The inspection of the location will be carried out by a video call. The application and location must satisfy the requirements of the law relating to approval of locations for marriage.

Applications for any other marriage locations are not currently being accepted. If the location is not already approved for marriage and is not a domestic property, it will not be possible to get married there.

As the Office of the Superintendent Registrar is currently closed to the public, a temporary Register Office has been created at the North Telephone Exchange, Le Chemin de Herupe, St John where small ceremonies can take place. A maximum of 5 people can attend a Register Office ceremony, including the Celebrant.


How can I keep my guests safe at my ceremony?


The maximum number of people who can attend your wedding is 20 people but the size of the room or area where your ceremony is taking place will dictate how many people can safely attend within physical distancing rules. Every person attending a ceremony must comply with physical distancing rules in place on the day of the ceremony. 

Currently, a physical distance of 1 metre must be maintained between anyone who is not from the same household including: 

  • guests

  • the celebrant

  • religious official

  • photographer

  • anyone else in the room or area


An exception to this is where the couple getting married are living in different households at the time of their ceremony.


Your venue will advise you of the number of people that can be in the room or area where your ceremony is taking place. If you are marrying in a private venue, the owner of the venue will make this assessment.


All aspects of the ceremony must comply with public health requirements, including:


Attendance register

Every person attending a ceremony will be asked to provide their name and contact details in an attendance register. This will allow contact tracing if it is later discovered that one or more attendees had COVID-19.

It's the venue’s responsibility to keep this record of attendance, or if you're marrying at a private venue it is the owner’s responsibility.


Arrival/departure of guests

In line with public venues, ceremonies taking place in private venues must coordinate guests to enter and exit the location in a controlled way and not to congregate in any one area or areas.


Orders of service

You must not hand out orders of service. They should be made available to your guests in digital format. If this is not possible, paper copies should be available on chairs or in a pile at the entrance and safely disposed of after the ceremony.


What happens when we walk down the aisle?


Only persons from the same household can be within 1 metre of one another. 

The bride and any person walking with the bride/groom, including bridesmaids and groomsmen and (if relevant) the person giving the couple away, must be 1 metre away from anyone else not in their household.


Exchange of rings

Rings should be held and handled only by the couple. They should not be handed to the couple or handled 

by any other person at the ceremony.


Live music and performance

Singing, in addition to woodwind and brass music, is strongly discouraged both outdoors and indoors because of the very high risk of dispersing droplets and therefore of spreading infection.


Signing the legal documentation

Your celebrant/religious official will ensure that the pen is wiped down after each person has used it.


There are a few things you need to know when planning your celebrations, especially in private settings, and we're here to help. In Level 2 you are allowed up to 10 guests at your garden parties, barbecues and get-togethers. As the host, you will need to ensure that all of your guests maintain physical distancing of 1 metre. Still close enough to clink your glasses!


More controlled events such as marriage receptions, work parties and Christenings are permitted to have up to 20 people in Level 2. These are subject to separate guidance, including maintaining safe distancing of 1 metre.

If you have any questions or concerns about your gatherings, weddings or events, please reach out to us on hello@wonderlands.je


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