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How a Wedding Stylist Can Transform Your Special Day

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

What does a wedding stylist do and do you need one?

We strongly believe here at Wonderlands that hiring a wedding stylist can totally transform not only your wedding day itself, but also your experience around the whole process of getting married.

But how do they do this and why might they be an excellent addition to your special day?

To answer that, we first need to look at what a wedding stylist does.

In essence, a wedding stylist listens to your dreams, needs and desires and then works with you to draw together the visual elements into a cohesive tone and aesthetic.

A wedding stylist will then take this personalised and unique theme and ensure that it is perfectly reflected in every area of your wedding day - creating and sourcing all the things required to do this.

With their experience in helping many other couples plan their special ceremonies, wedding stylists can also help guide you practically, for example ensuring there’s enough comfortable seating, optimising the layout of your reception and advising you on how best to maximize your budget.

If we haven’t already convinced you that hiring a wedding stylist is a great idea, here’s 6 more reasons why it really can transform your special day...

1. A wedding stylist can turn your dreams to a reality

Pinterest is great for gathering ideas and feeling out what you’d like your wedding style to be, but how do you then turn the ‘looks’ you like online into a real design plan that actually works, practically and aesthetically?

You might know you love rustic boho-styled weddings and have hundreds of great ideas around this, but how can you go about pulling it off?

Well, a wedding stylist will work closely with you to do just this.

Understanding exactly what you want from your wedding, a stylist’s expertise lie precisely in bringing your wishes to life. They are trained in the skills required to pull all your ideas together into a cohesive concept and design plan that works.

At Wonderlands, I help a couple style their wedding by focusing on getting a sense of who they are as people and the atmosphere they want to create on their big day.

I ask them not just about how they would like everything to look, but also, crucially, the feeling and the ambience they want to create.

As part of this, we discuss many elements of the wedding - from the music, catering, venue, guests and budget, right down to the style of the bridesmaid dresses - then I pull all this together into a full-fledged plan that brings their vision to life.

The design plan details how each area will take shape - from colour palette, textures and florals to centrepieces, stationery and welcome drinks - so that the couple can visualise exactly how their day will look and feel from start to finish.

My goal is always to make sure all the elements of their wedding fit together to create the sort of day they have dreamed of.

2. They’ll Prevent Your Wedding From Looking Like Everyone Else’s

If you want to avoid your wedding looking like it’s straight out of a catalogue, and instead want something more alive with your individual character and flair, then you definitely should consider hiring a wedding stylist!

A good stylist will always aim to create a wedding that is totally personal in both its feel and look; designing a celebration that soulfully represents you as individuals and a couple.

To ensure this happens for each and every one of my clients at Wonderlands, I build a bespoke design plan that is specific to each couple and event.

No two weddings I style are ever the same, as each is tailored to the couple’s personal style, as well as their venue, time of year, food of choice, musical elements and, most importantly, the experience they want to share with their guests.

3. They Have the Design Skills to Make Your Day Truly Memorable

You are going to look back on the photos and memories of your wedding for years (or hopefully decades) to come, so you want to make sure the day looks the best it can.

Having someone with the design skills to oversee and manage the aesthetics of your wedding, really is an incredible investment if you want it to be a showstopper!

A stylist can visualise how each aspect of the day will come together as a whole (cake, florals, furniture, venue, lighting, food, decor and more), bringing coherence and cohesion to your wedding in a way bound to wow your friends and family!

Having studied Design at University, I have always worked in creative design roles, and understand exactly how colours and textures sit alongside each other to bring about certain moods and specific looks that capture a couple’s unique spirit.

I’m passionate about making sure that all the elements of your wedding work together to build a spectacle that will make a lasting impression on your guests for years to come.

With a passion for designing magical, immersive worlds that fully absorb couples and their guests, I devote keen attention to detail and consistency across all aspects of the ceremony and day.

4. Wedding Stylists Have Connections with Top Suppliers

Practically speaking, this can be a godsend, as it means way less stress for you!

Yes, having a wedding stylist sure does take the donkey work out of looking for, organising and coordinating all the different elements and suppliers needed for your wedding, from the florist and the cakemaker to the furniture hire company.

Good wedding stylists know the best local suppliers and already have well-established working relationships with them.

Indeed, when I’m working with couples to develop their wedding vision, I always recommend suppliers that I think will help develop their theme and complement the look they’re after.

From florists to furniture suppliers and even venue advice, I can also offer recommended contacts if couple’s haven’t yet settled on certain decisions.

I then work closely with all of these suppliers to make sure everything is visually consistent and styled beautifully.

Rachel Vibert is a florist that I work with a lot.

I love her style and we have teamed-up so well together in the past, that this year we released a collaborative Design, Styling and Florals package, where we come together to create the best possible flower and wedding style for you

5. Wedding stylists have access to the best props

A good wedding stylist can also help you get all the props and furniture you need and will have a range of decor items you can choose from in-house.

My clients get access to all my props when working with me.

Many of these props are handmade, for example the selection of ceremony arches I’ve created, and a lot of my decor items are unique finds as I spend hours in vintage shops, building up my collection!

I love styling with unique items that add both depth and character to the atmosphere of an event, and prevent that ‘out-of-a-box’ wedding feel.

Whether it’s candlesticks, lanterns, tableware, rustic benches, high-end poseur tables, lighting hire, firepits or bouncy castles you want... I can help you get hold of them for you, simply and without stress!

6. A Wedding Stylist Brings Peace of Mind

And talking of stress, knowing that your wedding is being brought together by a styling professional, who has all the right knowledge and experience you need, means you can actually relax during the planning process, and breathe a sigh of relief on the day knowing things are well and truly taken care of.

At Wonderlands, I always ensure all my clients get my full attention and focus for the full week of their set up.

As part of my styling services, I’m there on the day and always make sure everything looks perfect ready for when the guests arrive.

This means the couple can turn their attention to more important things, such as each other and making memories they’ll treasure forever!

If you’d like to have a chat and learn whether Wonderlands is the right fit to help you style your wedding, do get in touch.

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