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7 places I find inspiration

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Creative experimentation is in my blood. I’m constantly looking for new inspiration, developing new ideas, trying out new techniques and watching for new trends to incorporate into my work as a stylist.

Keeping my style fresh, my ideas flowing and my skillset growing enables me to keep crafting unique, bespoke experiences for all my clients. Here are 7 sources of inspiration that influence my individual and always-evolving Wonderlands style.

1. Nature

Nature is a deep source of inspiration for me. Spending time out in nature always clears my head when I have a creative block and helps me come back with a fresh pair of eyes and start designing with new insight.

My styling uses lots of natural materials and textures… rustic wood, wool tassels, soft linen napkins and table runners, draped linen fabrics on my ceremony arches.

Using a variety of textures through your wedding adds a more tactile, sensory experience for your guests.

2. Changing Seasons

I source a lot of inspiration from the changing seasons and the dramatic range of colours and textures that come with each new season. The colour palettes and florals I use for weddings often work with and complement the beauty of the season around us.

In Spring I find pastels and meadow style florals work really well. In Summer I style a lot of festival-themed weddings and events with really bright, fun, colour palettes.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons to work with, using lots of rich, earthy tones - burnt orange, mustard and rust to reflect the cacophony of colour around us, along with pampas grass and dried florals to remind us that we are amidst the season of the harvest.

Crisp elegant whites paired with shimmering silver and gold accents, pinecones and fir make Christmas events and Winter weddings feel magical, with a Narnia-esque feel.

3. Art

Art is an endless source of inspiration. Seeing how different artists use colours, texture and pattern in unique and exciting ways is really important in keeping my style fresh and evolving. I visit lots of exhibitions and it's one of my top priorities whenever I go away.

I’m naturally drawn to bright colour palettes and particularly love the playfulness and creativity of abstract art. I love @ashleymaryart on Instagram, her bold use of colour and shapes make me very happy!

This inspiration really comes through in my bespoke stationery and signage design. For Jade and Phil’s signage I used a very minimal, clean font on top of an abstract hand painted background, playing with this pleasing contrast of styles.

4. Film & TV Series

I love to see how films and TV series with unique production designs use a multitude of details to create a world we can get really lost in. The events I style also have this immersive sense; a wonderland to get absorbed in.

I love Wes Anderson's visual style, he is the master of mise-en-scene. I was lucky enough to work on his film Fantastic Mr Fox as a set dresser. I learnt that creation on set is all about experimentation. We were continually testing out new techniques to achieve the look we wanted.

There was no right way to do anything, it was trial and error until we found what worked. Painted natural sponge created a woodland on the horizon. Quality Street wrappers became a lit fire. I loved getting lost in this creative process.

This work really influenced my style. Anderson’s intricate production designs are richly layered; they are all about the little touches that tell the story. I bring that creativity and meticulous attention to detail to all the events I style.

I style a lot of themed events, and I’ll often watch films to find ideas on all the details that will bring the event to life.

This Christmas I’m working on an elegant Casino-themed party so I’ve watched Casino Royale and I’m styling an Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding this Summer. It’s one of my favourite books / films, so any excuse to watch it again is fine by me!

5. Antique shops, markets and second-hand stores

I’m a sucker for antique shops, markets and second-hand stores. I spend hours looking through every nook and cranny, looking for interesting and unique pieces.

A lot of my decor items are unique finds. I love the sense of history that comes with using vintage items - each piece of decor comes rich with its own stories and character.

I find these unique and vintage items really add depth to the layers and feeling of an event. I like to imagine what other events, weddings and celebrations these things might have seen and the gossip they could tell us!

6. New Experiences and Sights

Our brains need new stimulus and mine laps it up! When I have new experiences and see new sights, my mind feels brimming with creative ideas and they just flow out of me.

I take regular visits to London, where every street is overflowing with inspiration - the people, the outfits, the shop windows, cafés and street art - it comes through everywhere and my creative brain feels completely rejuvenated.

7. Music videos and photoshoots

My Pinterest and Instagram feeds are full of other talented stylists, but not just for weddings and events…. I gather a lot of inspiration from set design and prop styling for music videos and photoshoots. The big budgets and wild exciting briefs on these jobs help me to spark ideas that are not the norm in event styling.

I also follow a lot of wedding and event stylists in Australia because they are always the first to start a trend.

If you want to know what will be big in UK weddings for the next couple of years, take a look at what is happening in Australia right now!

They introduced us to the grazing table and are the reason we all love pampas grass and dried palms so much right now!

Some of my favourites are @bryonbayweddings @ivyandbleuevents @bowerbotanicals.

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