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9 Boho Chic Wedding Ideas for Free-Spirited Couples

If you’ve been following my work, you’ll know I specialise in boho chic weddings. It’s the wedding style that gets me most inspired and that I most love to create.
But what exactly is boho chic?

Well, ‘boho’ is a term used to describe a style that is unconventional and artistic. The boho chic look is eclectic, with an emphasis on ethnic and vintage pieces.

To really grasp what this style encompasses and represents, it's helpful to understand where the term originated. At its most simple, “boho” is short for the French word bohémien, which originally referred to gypsies (a name given to travelling communities that originated from the Bohemia region).

Its meaning later evolved to refer to artists, writers, actors or musicians who tended to be poor and lead nomadic lifestyles - often traveling throughout Europe creating works of art and culture on their way. Boho culture soon spread and began booming in New York City in the 1950’s.

Today ‘boho’ describes an aesthetic that is heavily influenced by the artistic, free spirits of these past generations.

But how does this all translate into contemporary wedding styling?

Well, bohemian weddings are all about channeling effortless, laid-back style. At their core, they are unconventional, and tend to centre around breaking free from the confines of stuffy and outdated traditions that no longer suit modern couples.

That’s why boho style weddings are such a great choice for free-spirited lovebirds who want a wedding that’s low on formalities and big on soulful feels.

Breaking free from conventions allows boho weddings to really thrust open the options for creative expression and personal choice, giving way to a super fun styling process!

So, for all you free-spirited couples that also adore the boho wedding style, and want to get creative and get imagining, here are a few ideas to inspire you…

1. Go earth goddess using natural materials

At the centre of Boho Chic is a love and appreciation of the natural world. Natural materials connect us to this natural world, so using a mix of grounding, rustic materials and textures will create an earthly goddess feel to your wedding.

Think organic fabrics, such as woven wool or sisal rugs, as well as sheepskins and linen napkins. These tend to be complemented by baskets, ceramics, macrame plant hangers and a ceremony arch made from wood or willow.

Nature is a deep inspiration for me, so my styling uses lots of these natural materials and textures… I love to use rough wood, wool tassels, soft linen table runners and draped willowing fabrics when styling boho weddings.

2. Embrace nature as your backdrop

Why not go one step further in embracing the wonder of nature by using it as your wedding backdrop too.

Outdoor ceremonies are the ultimate boho dream and, in my opinion, no inside space can ever be as stunning as some of the jaw-droppingly beautiful places nature has created!

And in Jersey we’re spoilt to have so many awe-inspiring, wedding-worthy outdoor settings. Whether you want a wild windswept coastal view, or the lush cosy enclave of a magical garden, there are an abundance of stunning spots to pick from across the island.

I love styling outdoor ceremonies and events and think they feel even more magical than indoor options. By working with the natural surroundings, and using styling techniques to enhance these incredible settings, you can really create a wonderland of earthly delights.

For extra inspiration and ideas, take a look at some of the outdoor weddings I’ve styled here.

3. Wild whimsical untamed florals

Earthy is certainly the vibe when it comes to top boho styling, and you can’t get much more earthy than that which grows from the soil! So it pays to go wild on the flowers, greenery and potted plants!

Indeed, there's a wildness and sense of whimsical freedom at the centre of the bohemian style and this effortless laid-back feel permeates through in its approach to florals too.

Using less traditional mixes of flowers, and including grasses, greenery and berries instead, gives a picked-fresh-from-the-fields-while-frolicking look that’s wonderfully whimsical and carefree!

My tip is to arrange flowers casually, loosely and naturally, giving them a slightly untamed and organic feel - anything too tightly arranged and organised will look out of place.

4. Go earthy with your colour palettes

A truly boho wedding is all about using a mix of colours and textures, kissing goodbye to traditional wedding hues and going for something more expressive and soulful.

I love seeing an increasing number of couples embracing this, focusing more on their unique selves and their inner spirits and less on what everyone else is doing!

This means we’re seeing a much wider and more interesting variety of wedding tones being used these days, and this is certainly a trend set to continue in 2022.

Boho wedding colour palettes are often quite earthy and nature-inspired, making them very on trend at the moment. When visualising your boho wedding, think sandy tones and warm rustic colours like burnt sienna, marigold yellow, honeyed tones, rust and amber.

And if you’re a glamour girl / boy that wants to add a little more dazzle to your boho wedding, then you can use these more earthy tones as a base and pair them with bolder, more dramatic shades or metallics to make them pop!

5. Make it handcrafted

Given that the bohemian culture is rooted in artisanal practices and artistic ways of life, I suggest you celebrate this and let it shine through your wedding by using unique handcrafted décor items.

Boho Chic is about freedom from tradition and an unfettered creative expression, so using handmade artistic touches to express creativity across your decor is key.

Such touches might include a handmade ceremony arch, handmade signage, handwritten stationary and placeholders and unique vintage furniture, glassware or tableware.

I love styling my boho weddings with unique items that add both depth and character to the event’s atmosphere and prevent that ‘out-of-a-box’ wedding feel.

I personally handmake many of my decor items, examples of which include wedding arches, macrame hangings and wedding signs... so they truly are one of a kind.

You can see lots of my handmade décor items here.

6. Cast a magic glow

Candles create such a warm and loving atmosphere with their mystical flickering glow and the all-embracing warmth reminiscent of the fireside.

Be generous during your special day by using plenty of candles so their luminosity is cast throughout your wedding space to usher in a beautiful boho feel.

Candlelight and candleholders play a key role in my boho wedding styling, so much so that I’ve actually got over 350 candleholders (and counting!) in the Wonderlands in-house collection.

7. Create a garden of earthly delights

Flowers tend to get all the attention in wedding décor, but greenery-rich arrangements shouldn’t be overlooked as part of a Boho Chic wedding.

In fact, wedding greenery is a key decor trend you’ll be seeing a lot of in 2022 (trust me!)

And that isn’t really surprising given it’s such an easy-to-use and versatile decor element that can bring so much impact!

Greenery-rich arrangements can quickly transform a space into a garden of earthly delights. Verdant and lush, greenery arrangements fill the space with a fresh, natural splendour, while still maintaining a laid-back and elegant simplicity.

The amazing thing about greenery is that it can work in so many different ways.

From ceiling hangings to stunning centrepieces, greenery can also be draped around windows or doors, nestled amongst other table decor, used to bring place settings to life, give a touch of organic beauty to the cake or wedding car, totally transform an aisle or alter and can even be woven through hair!

8. Walk down a rug aisle or an aisle meadow

Another magical use for greenery is to create an aisle meadow.

This is when each side of the aisle is lined with blooms and greenery to give it the feel of a wild overgrown meadow. It doesn’t get more earth goddess than this!

Alternatively, you could walk down a rug aisle, another gorgeous Boho Chic option.

Lining your altar with antique-style rugs gives any natural space an air of sumptuous comfort.

A rug aisle or altar effortlessly injects colour, soft comforting texture and a vintage aesthetic into your wedding setting for that nuptial boho bliss!

9. Make it unique

There’s a sense of history that comes with using vintage items to style your boho wedding and it again harks back to the artisanal roots of Boho culture.

This is why using unique and aged items really adds depth and character to the feeling of your wedding - each piece of decor comes laden with its own narratives and heritage.

Many of my decor items are special finds and I invest a lot of time looking for characterful, yet stylish, Boho Chic pieces.

I like to imagine what other events, weddings and celebrations these beautiful treasures might have been present at, as well as the stories and histories they could tell us about them!

And there you have it, my top 9 Boho Chic wedding ideas for free-spirited couples.

I hope they help you plan your ideal wedding.

And if you want to get in touch about how Wonderlands can help you do this too, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at

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