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What are you paying for when you hire a wedding stylist?

Updated: Mar 4

As wedding styling is relatively new in Jersey, I still get quite a few questions about what’s involved in my styling services and what’s included in the price of my wedding styling package.

In this article I’ll explain what you’re paying for and benefitting from when you hire a wedding stylist, and give you some reasons for why this might be a really worthwhile investment for you.

What does a wedding stylist actually do?

I get quite a few messages from people who are really curious about what I do and are still unsure about what a wedding stylist actually does!

So, let me explain…

Ultimately, as a wedding stylist, my goal is for couples to set foot in their venue on their special day and be blown away by how thoughtfully and creatively the whole wedding has been brought together visually!

To do this, I will listen to your dreams, needs and desires and then work with you to draw together a comprehensive design plan which includes all the visual elements of your big day, reflecting your dream wedding.

Wedding stylists are trained in the skills required to pull all your ideas together, creating a cohesive concept and design plan that works, aesthetically and logistically.

With their experience in helping many other couples plan their special ceremonies, wedding stylists can also help guide you practically when it comes to prepping your magical day - for example ensuring there’s enough comfortable seating, optimising the layout of your reception and advising you on how best to maximise your budget.

Once you’ve got a bespoke and unique design plan that you are fully happy with, I will then set about making it all happen!

Practically, that means organising, creating and sourcing all the things required. It often also involves working together with your florist and any other suppliers to bring the plan to life, as well as finding all the props, decor pieces, lighting, furniture, candles and tableware you need. Sometimes it also means designing and making bespoke props. You can read more about the full process and all the services you’re paying for below.

Who should work with a wedding stylist?

Working with a wedding stylist is highly recommended if you’re a couple who feels style is important to you and you want your wedding to represent you as a couple. If you care about how your day will look and feel and if you want your wedding to really impress your guests, you should definitely think about hiring a stylist.

Working with a stylist is also ideal if you’re a couple who are pushed for time to style your own wedding, as it really is a big job. It also can be quite stressful if you’re juggling all sorts of other wedding prep and life commitments at the same time!

The run-up to the day and set-up can be especially stressful without the right professional support. If you want to make sure you can be fully present for the fun pre-wedding pampering and celebrations, and not be hurriedly running around doing the last minute venue dressing and set-up coordination on the morning of your important day, you may decide you can’t do without a wedding stylist!

If you would rather be sipping a glass of bubbles, knowing that your wedding set up is in competent and trustworthy hands, working with a good wedding stylist is something you should absolutely think about!

What are you paying for when you hire a wedding stylist?

Ok, I get it, you might be worried about the costs of hiring a wedding stylist; you might think you can do without one and that it will be more cost effective to do the work yourself.

But here’s why I disagree…

Yes it is an additional cost, but my styling service is much more than just turning up the day before for a set up. Here’s an insight into some of the services you’re paying for…

Firstly, I’ll have initial consultations with you to find out about who you are as a couple, your personality and your vision. I’ll visit the venue with you to generate and discuss decor ideas that will help you make the best of your space, and make the decor more impactful. Then I’ll draw up an initial design plan and gather your feedback. We work together to finalise the design plan you’re truly happy with. This design plan can then be shared with all the other suppliers involved so everyone is working to a cohesive vision.

Once I have the design plan finalised, I get busy collecting, sourcing and making all the decor elements that I’ve planned to use. This extensive prep time often includes dying fabrics, sourcing vases, making table decorations, finding lighting solutions, cleaning candle holders, as well as making any bespoke items.

Included in my styling package, is the hire of anything you want from my large collection of in-house props and decorations, including ceremony arches, candle holders, fairy lights, lanterns and more. You can literally pick as much as you want from this wealth of gorgeous things. I also arrange the logistics, delivery and collection of any other items we need to hire from other suppliers and coordinate set up times with your venue, so you don’t need to organise any of this!

The week before your wedding I’ll be busy making sure all props are cleaned, ironed, polished and packed into my van and all fabrics are washed and ironed. I ensure all details for the day are on-point and I ensure that I have my styling toolkit, which is fully stocked with all the essential supplies I need to hang, drape, attach and arrange all your beautiful decor.

On set-up day I’m there early with my toolkit and ladders ready to unload and start styling! While styling, I coordinate with your florist and anyone else involved, keeping a design eye over everything to make sure all the individual elements are inline with the planned vision. I’ll ensure every last detail is executed how you imagined it would be and even light the candles just before the first guests arrive.

Then, afterwards, I’ll coordinate packdown, so you can get on with basking in your newlywed afterglow! I make sure any hired items go back to their suppliers, and all my props are taken home to be cleaned, washed and packed away into my storage unit.

Hopefully, from this, you can see how much work our styling package price covers and how much of an impact your wedding stylist is having on your big day.

Why you could benefit from working with a wedding stylist

So actually, from this article you can hopefully see that a wedding stylist plays a very important part in your wedding - by giving you a day that you could only have dreamt of, by dressing your wedding venue perfectly and by bringing all of those important décor and design details together, creatively and logistically.

A good wedding stylist is worth their weight in gold. They don’t just focus on one element, like florals or entertainment, but have oversight of your full grand vision. They can help you select your furniture, lighting, consult on food styling and even discuss your venue options to reflect your vision perfectly.

Look at it this way, it’s the biggest day of your life and a memory that will live forever. The food will taste nice, the band will sound great, but the visual story will live on past its lifetime.

You can bring on board a wedding stylist at any point in your wedding planning really, but there are huge advantages to bringing in a stylist early on in your journey to help creatively coordinate with your other suppliers and bring to life one coherent, consistent vision.

And on this note, I’m now taking bookings for 2023 weddings!

My slots do book up quickly, so if you’re planning a wedding and are curious about working with me, send me an email soon!

I offer a free one-hour introductory chat to all potential clients so I can hear what you’re looking for and answer your questions.

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