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Why you can’t afford NOT to hire a wedding stylist for your big day

Updated: May 2

A wedding stylist may seem like a big expense and you may be wondering if you really need one. Perhaps you’re considering whether you can skip this cost and DIY style your big day?

It’s true that lots of people do this but one thing is certain - that hiring a good wedding stylist for your big day will save you precious time, save you unnecessary stress and actually, in some ways, because of their skills and savvy know-how, can actually save you money.

So, if these things are important to you, a good wedding stylist is an investment worth considering! Here’s the low-down on how a wedding stylist can save you time, money and unwanted stress.

Save precious time and minimise unwanted stress

Firstly, having a wedding stylist to support you in organising your wedding can save you precious time and help prevent the stress and overwhelm that can so easily happen during the planning and preparation stages.

Stress and overwhelm can easily set in because having a vision and being able to pull it off are two very different things! Having ideas and loads of images you’ve collected on Pinterest is a great start, but it can be tricky and time-intensive to turn that ‘look’ into reality. All those tiny but essential little details that make a wedding ultra special often require more time (and creative skills) than you think!

It can take hundreds of hours to successfully plan and execute a wedding. Couples that don’t have the necessary time to pull their ideas together may end up feeling very stressed and overwhelmed.

From briefing the florist to managing all the suppliers and coordinating with the venue on how and when everything will be set up, there’s a lot to think about. When you both work and have other responsibilities you might find that you literally don’t have the time in the day for everything involved in styling a wedding!

A wedding stylist will clearly brief and coordinate and communicate with all the wedding vendors to achieve what’s in the design plan so everything is taken care of. When you need help coordinating the dresses, flowers, table decorations, invitations, etc – in fact, anything where a design is involved, a wedding stylist is there to support you and coordinate.

Make sure you can relax and actually enjoy your big day

A wedding stylist can also be responsible for the delivery, set up and packdown of everything that’s used to dress and decorate the event, so they play a key role on the day.

With this in mind, the next big reason you might decide you can’t afford not to work with a wedding stylist (and this is a BIG one for many couples!) is so you can totally relax and enjoy your special day.

Given that you’ve put so much thought, time, energy and money into this wedding and given that it’s meant to be one of the most special days of your life, it is going to be a real shame if you are too stressed to actually enjoy it!

To help illustrate how different your wedding day experience could be with or without bringing a wedding stylist on board, let’s explore what a DIY wedding set-up without a stylist often looks like…

Imagine this scene… It’s the day before your wedding, you’re feeling pretty worn out from organising everything by this point and also pretty anxious because you still have a huge to-do list, getting things set up at the venue(s).

You arrive at the venue for set-up and know there is no time to chill out because you have suppliers arriving any minute with props, furniture, catering equipment, etc, and the florist will be arriving soon too. They all need instructions and coordination.

Some of your family and friends are arriving throughout the day to help with the set up. You start unboxing the furniture and props you’ve hired and try to give directions to your helpers but you aren’t exactly sure where you want them all to go.

More friends arrive but there isn’t much time to greet them properly or chat because you’re needed by the florist and you need these helpers to get to work so you can try to stay on schedule.

You really want to be finished set-up by 6pm so you can relax and enjoy the evening with your loved ones who’ve come from afar. You had envisioned having this evening as a special little pre-wedding gathering, but as time marches on you realise you’re not going to finish setting up until much later!

You’re feeling tired now. Everyone is offering help, but it’s hard to convey how you want it to look to your helpers and you get interrupted with questions every time you try to plan something so you end up doing lots of it yourself.

You begin to feel frustrated and upset. It's not the set up day you were dreaming of and you’re anxious because there’s still so much to do. You wish there was more time! There’s more to be finished in the morning but you’re wondering who will help with that? You really wanted the wedding morning to be relaxed and special, but now you know you’ll need to coordinate more logistics in the morning…

The reason I can illustrate this scenario so well is that I have seen it several times! Some friends of mine got married a few years ago. The setting was beautiful, right next to the Glastonbury festival site. They were getting married on a tight budget and so it was a very DIY wedding, just like the example above. They were lucky that they had a big team of friends helping but it was extremely stressful for them and they struggled to find moments to relax amongst all the organising and coordinating.

I know that if they got married again they’d do it differently! By investing a little bit more money and hiring a stylist they could have had a stress-free set-up and wedding day, with more time for magical moments that they’d remember forever.

Also, they were lucky in that their friend owned the site where the reception was held so they had early access, allowing for a DIY set up. But this is often not the case! It’s important to remember that some venues only allow ‘on-the-day’ access, making a DIY set-up even more stressful as everything has to be done on the wedding day itself!

Working with a wedding stylist takes all this work and stress away, meaning you can relax and get straight into the happy fuzzy vibes, knowing it’s all taken care of and that you’ll walk out to a well-coordinated, picture perfect wedding.

Get the best bang for your wedding budget

Finally, on top of this, another big reason to think about hiring a wedding stylist is that - crazy as it might sound - a wedding stylist can actually save you money in some ways! This is because, by using their design skills and know-how, they can show you how to get the most for your budget and, through their design plan, can help you to prioritise your budget on the big ‘wow!’ wedding day moments that are most important to you.

Also, good stylists have useful connections, are able to hook you up with the most cost-effective suppliers and are usually not afraid to call in a favour when needed! The best wedding stylists use their creative energy to get you the most bang for your buck.

Thinking outside of the box and the reality of a budget is a key part of my job as a wedding stylist. I work closely with clients to help their budgets go further, re-using key decor pieces across the ceremony and reception and prioritising decor on the most important moments, as well as working with suppliers to keep your costs down. And my wedding styling package includes hire of any of our Wonderlands in-house props and décor, so there are no extra hire costs.

So if you don’t have a big budget but still want a wedding that dazzles, a good wedding stylist can help you achieve this!

So there we have it, some pretty big reasons to consider working with a wedding stylist and why perhaps, you actually can’t afford not to!

Have a look at our wedding styling brochure for more info on our styling services and get in touch if you have any questions about how we can help you have a sparkling, seamless and stress-free wedding.

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