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Your 2022 work summer party - 3 themes your team will love

Updated: Apr 19

Making it a Showstopper: Why your summer party should impress!

After being so physically disconnected from our colleagues and stuck behind screens for so long, in-person events and work parties are vitally important in 2022 for giving teams, clients and partners that crucial chance to reconnect, network and bond again.

With the tough times of the last two years, morale and momentum have taken a big hit in most organisations. We know people are craving the excitement and connection that live events create and your team needs the morale-boosting remedy that only the reward of a good old knees up can bring!

And that’s exactly why your 2022 Summer party needs to impress! With in-person events finally feeling really possible again, this is the first chance for many organisations to reward staff and give them a much needed morale boost with a show stopping summer party to remember!

Why choosing the right theme is crucial

Anyone can hold an event — but making it a showstopper is something else altogether!

The secret to knock-it-out-the-park corporate parties starts with picking the right theme. This needs to be something fun and engaging that people can really get into, something that feels relevant and appropriate for your company’s culture, and something that can be inclusive of different personalities, ages, and fitness levels.

And, of course, it needs to be something you can deliver impressively within your budget too.

How Wonderlands can help you create a party to remember

If that sounds like a tricky task, then worry not, help is at hand! Here at Wonderlands we are seasoned pros in creating magical and magnificent corporate parties of all types, sizes and styles.

Whatever your vision, requirements and budget, we can design it, build it and bring it to life, making sure you host a wonderful summer party your staff won’t forget!

So, to get your inspiration and excitement flowing and your summer party planning off on the right foot, here are a few of our favourite themes for 2022, plus our pro design tips on how to create them… It’s time to get those creative sparks flying!

Festival Fun

Bringing a little of the easy-going, feelgood magic of an outdoor music festival is a winner if you want a laid-back corporate summer party that’s relaxed but still unforgettable.

For this theme you’ll need an outdoor venue, with somewhere the bands can play and plenty of room for dancing.

Creating lots of cosy seating areas and chill out zones with hay bales, rugs, blankets and cushions etc is key to this theme. Setting up tables and benches, plus a fire pit - perfect for warming toes and jolly singalongs - are also great ideas.

To decorate the venue, we recommend you drape your outdoor space with atmospheric festoon lighting and fairy lights, colourful flags and lots of bunting.

And when it comes to food and drink, serving a selection of cocktails from a hand built outdoor bar or drinks shack, and food from a food truck or BBQ will really complete the picture. You can also scatter the site with picnic baskets full of snacks and get your staff all set up for a night under the stars.

And to finish, fairground rides and games like giant Jenga and ping-pong make the perfect entertainment, while wandering musicians and performers can add an extra element of fun that will delight your team throughout the evening.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Take inspiration from Shakespeare’s tale by creating an enchanted woodland summer party for your company - think fairies, magic potions and mischievous fun in a beautiful setting.

For this theme, we recommend you create a forest-like venue with lush verdant plants that will steal the guest's breath away as soon as they step inside.

You can either hold this themed party inside, or, bettter still, find a venue with a secluded outside area that Wonderlands can help you turn into an enchanted forest.

We suggest using wooden furniture here to enhance the rustic natural feeling of the woodland, along with side tables carved into mushroom shapes or flowers.

Playing with lighting to create a magical world is also key here - use uplighting on trees, twinkling lights amongst the branches, hanging lanterns and the glow of scattered candles to create a truly mystical and mythical atmosphere.

Dining tables can be dressed with moss, ferns, gold-tinged ivy and scattered florals, all of which will help impart a sense of nature running wild. Keep any arrangements loose and whimsical with plenty of greenery and why not add a smidge of fairy dust for some sparkle?!

When it comes to a bar, creating a drinks area nestled in the foliage is a great idea and using dry ice here will create a sense of a mysterious mist rolling in. Exotic cocktails are definitely called for when it comes to a Midsummer Night’s Dream - think magic potions and nature’s nectar - and waiting staff can be dressed as forest nymphs or mischievous woodland elves, with floral crowns, wings or even animal masks.

And finally, keep guests entertained and intrigued throughout the night by hosting a range of strange and surprising delights. Performers such as acrobats, hula hoopers, jugglers, magicians and stilt-walking fairies will captivate everyone and certainly emphasise that air of magic.

A Night at the Circus

Who can forget the heady magic of the circus as a child? It’s so evocative! And that’s exactly why using this theme to create the excitement of those summer nights surrounded by all the bright lights, sights, sounds and smells of the circus is a perfect summer party theme.

By recreating this carnival atmosphere you can throw a corporate summer party that is full of exhilaration and excitement while still being laid back and casual.

At the centre of this aesthetic is the grand feeling of the big top tent, which you can conjure up by using billowing fabric drapes shaped into a tented ceiling. Add to the effect by using those bright, bold colours of the circus here - think red, yellow and gold in classic stripes - and lots of strings of big bulb festoon lights.

Delve back into a golden era gone by creating a feeling of opulence, decadence and faded grandeur. Decorate the bar as if it’s a fairground ride and you create table centrepieces with exotic animals once seen at the circus - elephants and tigers.

For fun, entertainment and lots of laughs, we suggest setting up some old-fashioned game stations, like a ring toss and coconut shy.

Photo Booths are also a fun addition, so make sure yours includes lots of great costumes and props for people to put on.

You could even hire a magician or a fortune teller to roam the crowd and, if you want something really memorable, then why not hire a fire thrower or circus performer to thrill the crowd too?

Create something extraordinary

Summer events in a post-lockdown era need to be ultra compelling. Don’t settle for ‘fine’... but instead make sure your work party truly is the showstopper your team deserves!

From full concept design to professional styling, prop hire and even custom-created decor, Wonderlands can help you create something extraordinary.

Just get in touch to have a chat or share this article with the person in charge of events at your organisation.

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